We are seeking a motivated individual to fill our Harvest Manager position. This person oversees the efficient operation of the field harvest and pack-out. This individual work closely with and is supervised by the farm owner. And is responsible for managing the Crew Leader and field crew on all things related to the harvest.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Do twice-weekly field walks to assess the crops and timing, quantity, and quality of harvest.

  • Make harvest list for farmers markets, wholesale orders, and the CSA.

  • Communicate harvest list with the field crew coordinator and field crew as needed.

  • Manage 15 Spanish-speaking employees and train new hires with harvest, washing, and packing.

  • Assist as needed with washing, sorting, and packing.

  • Make twice-weekly wholesale availability list with farmer.

  • Maintain inventory of packing supplies.

  • Maintain a clean, organized cooler and storage spaces.

  • Monitor quality of product and proper packaging and labeling.

  • Maintain cleaning logs and food safety procedures.

  • Assist in sales to retailers and restaurants.

  • Assist in training farmers market staff on crop information.

  • Attends weekly staff meetings and participates in both big picture strategizing and daily operational decisions.

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Vending at one farmers market per week, which includes driving a box truck, customer service, detailed record-keeping, attention to detail, repetitive heavy lifting, and managing market staff.

  • Helping with truck packing and moving product between ranches as needed.

  • General farm work and participation in projects as needed.

The work requires the physical and mental capacity to contribute daily to an often rigorous, fast-paced, and deeply rewarding agricultural practice. Staff work 30-40 hours/week from January through March and 50+ hours/week from April through December.


  • Applicant needs to have a minimum of 2 years growing experience on a production farm.

  • The ability to speak conversational Spanish is required.

  • Proficiency with Excel and basic computer skills.

  • This position requires great attention to detail, familiarity with a broad spectrum of crops and appropriate harvest/wash/pack and food safety procedures.

  • Excellent organizational and record-keeping skills.

  • Willing to make a two-year minimum commitment.

Applicant should be self-motivated, hardworking, eager to learn, have excellent people skills, great multi-tasker, and be in good physical condition. Ability to perform certain tasks such as heavy lifting (over 50#), repetitive grasping, standing, bending, and walking (No applicant will be rejected because of a condition or impairment that, with reasonable accommodation, does not prevent performance of work.)

Compensation and Housing

This is a year-round salaried position. Salary includes on-site housing, health insurance, food from the farm, a continuing education allowance, and one month of paid vacation.

It is a high priority of the farm to provide a quality experience to those working here. An ideal applicant is interested in participating in many aspects of a small-scale, diversified farming operation and has a serious interest in advancing an agricultural career.


The Hiring Process

If you are interested in working at Blue House Farm, please send a resume and a letter with the following information:

  1. Relevant past work experience, including specific responsibilities and duties

  2. Your goals relating to agriculture

  3. Other related skills (ie: carpentry, cooking, writing, tractor driving, plumbing, retail sales, computers, etc…)

  4. 2 references

Send to: If your qualifications match what we’re looking for, we will contact you to schedule a phone or on-farm (preferred) interview. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.